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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Obama's long planned renaming of Independence Day to Malia Obama Day as part of his destruction of all things American

The brilliance with which former Communist East German STASI Gen. Markus Wolf exploited our own birth certificate privacy laws 
And not just once

We all know that Obama's real birth certificate states his real parents, which would make him ineligible to be President, especially when America finds out who his father was.. But what a follow up on that for Obama to adopt his "Daughters" (As Michael is obviously a man), also giving Malia and Shasha new birth certificates with new dates of birth, but to plan so far in advance to rename Independence Day with Malia Obama Day is truly hidden in plain sight! And quite notably in conjuntion with the known long term planning of war upon us in the West Pacific, the long-term economic  and PSYOPS warfare upon our nation by the CHICOMS now opening the page to open warfare and conquest.
But, to conceive!  The sheer brilliance with which former East German Communist STASI Gen. "Master Spy" Markus Wolf  exploited that legal technicality in his planning so long ago!  (I, too, was adopted twice for the same reason, but thankfully taken under the wings of US Agencies early on.)
For Wolf not only infiltrated our Presidency and political system (More than once, I'm afraid), but set up this morale-busting change of the Fourth of July to smear the Office with Obama's apparent incest with Malia.
Appealing to the "New Age" immorality and decadence, Snowflake style!  Even the US Army is accepting LGBTs as "Combat Soldiers."  It's just a good thing that Kim Un Chee wasn't able to get it up on the Fourth to create some actual mass damage and a "Trail of Tears."

Did she take off a year from school and start "Acting Out" because of a reason?

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