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Monday, August 24, 2015

Is Obama boffing his adopted daughter Malia? Study the recent photos

Maybe time to revisit my personal theme?  That Obama's real father was STASI Gen. Markus Wolf, who bred Manchurian Candidates for long term infiltration? That I was also one, and that Obama has been counter-run by the CIA since the get-go? I think it's coming to a head, for there's so much out there about his "Leaving Office," and constant gloomy photos of his "Family."  But then, he DOES seem much closer to Malia, as a woman, than to Michael.  The other adopted daughter always keeps her distance, and Michael stays aloft. Something up? Study the newest photos from the vacation return.  They are closer than a couple!  Is that a bulge I see? One thing for sure, he's not getting any P* from Michael!
See this video for example.   Then, this one:

Here's a list of stills that show an extraordinary physical closeness and intimate contact while virtually ignoring Sasha, and definitely Michael.

 1st Lady and 4th Lady, now

Is that a hard-on?

Who's close, who's not


And as of 10/8/16 the changes get obvious.  Michael is quoted as having admonished Malia, photos now don't show Obama and her close together but standing next to Michael.  Malia's "Taking a year off in Spain," and the DNC is apparently airing Michael as Hillary's replacement. FB will ban you if you call Michael a Tranny. They did me, with that explanation.Articles of the First Tranny Americaphobe now depict him as a "Beautiful and Articulate 'Woman replacement for Sick Hillary'".  Which has got to be long-term Commie planning to demoralize our troops and nation as Red China starts WWIII in the Pacific.