What do Jonbennet, Chandra & Laci have in common? The Gary Condits!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Officer Derrick Craig commited suicide - And I know why

Trying to whitewash the issue, are you?  Typical Rawlins Daily Tmes high school paper sports scores stuff.  My excerpt from FaceBook:
My condolences to the passing of Captain Derrick Craig of the SO's office. I knew him from his first day as Encampment Police Chief and he was always a nice guy. It takes me back to the beginnings of living there, and one day being hauled to the station to endure the screams of Senior FBI Agent Robert Jonstono, who wanted to know what I knew about Dick Cheney (His homosexual leanings), (CIA- Office of Economic Opportunity overseas then) who I'd worked with overseas while in US Army M. I. (He wanted to know if he was homosexual) It also reminds me of the doings of the Meth Head Gay bashers for hire Mckenny and Henderson (Covered up by Saratoga Sun as "The Spring Creek Assault") , long before they did Matthew Sheppard. (And how many other murders in between?)  EPD covered that situation, they said, an issue not even in their jurisdiction. My son and I are alive today because I was carrying my .357 openly one day camping. I hope my ex-wife's ears are burning.
I wrote a email report concerning Dick Cheney's alibi for Gary Condit to the DC Public Defender Eugene Ohm, for a man getting a new trial, an Ingmar Guandique, to  the day before the suicide as Condit is now back in the limelight regarding the old Chandra Levy case, and that is a BIG story.
Well, at least now one can see what can get a guy sent to Evanstan by Judge Eiken for six months INCOMMUNICADO, your occupation ruined, your name sullied, you veracity doubted, and your finances trashed for trying to report same to Family Services... Just knowing too much, having a Feminist Judicial System, and a very good manipulative foreign born Sex worker wife who specializes in being a "Victim..."  Can get you put away in Wyoming...
Dick Cheney and Rumsfelt were best butt buddies I'd been given to understand way back when, but not I, by the way, and that is part of what I got sent to ground for in 1977.
I'm not queer, and will never be.
I hope my sons will come to understand my covert life as an M.I. operative, some day (Yes, IN the US of A), and just not what I was made out to be.  And the military goal that I have accomplished.
Until the smoke clears, or the snow flies, whichever comes first.
It's a long and convoluted story, but one the Press has certainly avoided at all costs.  Long gone is the days of real investigative reporting, unless it's directed at Conservatives  - Or proper investigation at the time, in lieu of Political Correctness, instead.  This IS Dick Cheney Land, right?  Guess what happens in Gary Condit Country? Or just Washington, D.C.
This will only be the tip of the iceberg, mark my words.
Enough reason to prompt Derrick, I would think, to do what he did. Now that it's all coming out. So don't give us paper towels to dry our eyes with...
Dime gets you a dollar Rawlins Times won't print my comment. How many exposes have I provided them in the past, with no results?  Excepting, of course, the high school sports scores?