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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Red Chinese satellite ready to give the USA a devastating EMP on Easter Sunday just as Communist World Emperor Xi steams his fleet to Taiwan and declared a "Bloody War." Cooincidence? Or typical Red Chinese "Go" planning?



Yeah, like I believe in the Easter Bunny, too.  But it simply would be good PSYOPS, too, in advance of a massive invasion of the US by Red Chinese in white UN tanks, to "Restore civil order," inasmuch as the Dark State is trying create revolution in the US through gun and ammo seizure propaganda acts.  Hillary's Clinton Foundation email server's connections to the FBI Corruption Red Chinese "Contributions" have been made obvious. In advance, of course, of this choas and invasion.  The RC have  worked on Dividing and Conquering our values, sexes, races, society, and everything else you could think of for decades.  It may even have a timing on the so called "Climate Change."

"Planet X" or "Climate Change?"

Certainly this Easter one of there planned in advance satelittes will come down somewhere also I-80.  Cooincidence?  US Authorities had a huge EMP exercise most recently.  Yeah, I can read.  I wonder how much of Red China won't be glowing in the dark after this is over.

They won't have what they wanted when they took out the Kennedys and potential other Presidential leaders, our "Command and Control" in the 1960's, and concerns a certain legal inheritance presidence they wish to have change from Capitalism to Communism.

As fleeing "Trail of Tears" hordes of people flee crowded urban areas in search of food and shelter, what better demorilization could the Red Chinese have but in the destruction of inheretance rights?  Simply put, if my Aunt Katherine's inheritance does not come to me on this timing, and I'm to be Committed, instead, my adopted Communist family would all chime in to the Judge, "Oh, please, your Honor, don't give me the Guardianship, SPLIT IT UP TO ALL THE SURVIVING MEMBERS."  And, yes, they've worked on trying to get me put away all these decades. And they're NOT going to get what they desire...

Imagine the disheartenment of the Heads of Households if, while on this woeful journey, they felt as if they could never rebuild their estate, their farms, their businesses, their dreams in life.

They might as well go Communist.  And end up in one of their work Gulags.  Just know that every Communism (Or National Socialism) that has historically every won over, had meant mass atrocities.  Of Jewish People, their own people, the racially, sexually, or politically incorrect, or just those who resisted their cruels means, the Independent.

America wake up!  Even if you wake up on Easter Sunday, and there's no EMP to change your world forever, know also that it's a "Sting" my adopted Communist family will be enduring;  No loss of our Constitutional Republicanism nor our innate Capitalism!