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Monday, August 7, 2017

DON'T VIEW ECLIPSE W/GLASSES! What if Kim's nuke promise will blind millions of Americans? Use NASA TV, instead.

Kim keeps promising to devastate the US with his missiles. Not only he, but the Red Chinese have recently put up a ton of satellites.  What if the idea is to blind millions of Americans as they stare at the eclipse? Red China has a 2,000 year old super-secret "Ministry of Astronomy," so they've had more than just five decades to prepare for this.  And I'm talking the taking out of our Command-And-Control of the Kennedys and likely aspirants so as to put in their infiltrators, the Clintons and Obamas, the buying out of our corrupt politicians and media, the seizure of the Hollywood Propaganda Machine, the Congressional legalization of the Corn Syrup Obesity epidemic (Too fat to fight), and the demoralization of our basic tenants of religion and society.  The "Art of War" by their General Sun Tsu, to be exact.  They are well-timed, and well-posed to attack across the Pacific right after such disabling attack upon the rest of the world, but especially on America, as so rarely is that eclipse right across our country. Is this the reason Kim's latest missile tests have went stratospheric? What other reason can all the hype with Kim trying to draw us into war again (Remember how it worked in Asia before?) with Red China to follow up upon?  Talk about blinding one's enemy as an act of war...
Is it worth risking the possibility of your children's eyes?  It's just as easy to watch NASA TV.  I HOPE I'm wrong about this, but WHAT IF I'M RIGHT?
Which would mean they would be coming across the sea, probably in white UN tanks with blue berets, to after our wheat fields, blue sky, wide open spaces, and clean-burning coal.  Not to mention our exotic American women.  Now you know the reason behind the "One Child" policy, so as to raise a million-man Army.